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       China Huari Holding Group Ltd. comprises of Huari Holding Group Ltd.(Huangyan), Jiangmen City Huari Motorcycle Parts Co., Ltd(Guangdong) and Huahe Technology Co., Ltd(Hangzhou). It is an integrated company that provides the research and development, production and sales of spare parts of motorcycles (electric vehicles) which includes plastic components, steel components, lights, frames, etc. It is one of the largest suppliers of motorcycle (electronic vehicles) spare parts in China.

The company has a capacity of manufacturing an annual output of 200 million sets of injection parts and 100 million sets of frames as well as steel parts. The technology center is equipped with flexible laser measurement system by Cimcore Company.  The department of product advancement, with a work ethic of innovation and excellence of quality, works through a holistic process to design and produce products and provides partners with one-on-one product development service.

The company adheres to the mission that is ˇ°pursuing perfection and keeping innovatingˇ±. It is one of the first to receive ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. Currently, the company is the major supporting enterprises of major motorcycle manufactures including Wuyang Honda, Zongshen, Longxin, Dayng, Lifan, ect. It is also the major supporting enterprises of major electric vehicle manufactures including Giant, Aima, Xinri, Yadea, Luyuan, Sundiro, Surpass, Xinlei,  Tailing, Lujia, etc.


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